Minutes January 2013 (Towyn and Kinmell Bay)

Minutes of QUARTERLY MEETING held at Rhyl on FRIDAY 25th January 2013



Officers Joan Butterfield (Chair)Mariette Roberts

Alan Gunn (President)

Ken Iball (Vice President)

Robert Robinson

(Secretary & Treasurer)

ABERGELE TOWN COUNCIL Richard G WatersBrian C Roberts

John A MacLennan

Mandy Evans (Clerk) 
BANGOR CITY COUNCIL Eve ButlerDerek Hainge
BAY OF COLWYN TOWN COUNCIL Lindsay Griffiths Tina Earley ClerkViv Perry

Chris Perry

Hazel Meredith

BUCKLEY TOWN COUNCIL A Woolley John WoolleyA Williams


CONNAH’S QUAY TOWN COUNCIL Carol GraingerIan Jones (Clerk) Ron HillPam Attridge
CONWY TOWN COUNCIL Pat HartHelen Roberts (Clerk)
DENBIGH TOWN COUNCIL Raymond BartleyRoy Tickle Margaret Bone
FLINT TOWN COUNCIL Terry RenshawDavid Cox Lorna Jones
HOLYWELL TOWN COUNCIL Karin Davies  Colin Pierce (clerk)Mary Auti

Ed Watkinson

LLANDUDNO TOWN COUNCIL Brian BertolaLouise Marns

L Morris (Deputy Clerk)

Ann Yates 



MEINAI BRIDGE TOWN COUNCIL Harold BartonLinda Fraser Williams (Clerk)  
PRESTATYN TOWN COUNCIL S Edwards Nigel Acott (Clerk) J SzaluR Cooper

J McLellan

RHYL TOWN COUNCIL D SimmonsGareth Nichols (Clerk) Jeannette Chaimberlain                                  Jones

 P Williams

RUTHIN TOWN COUNCIL Ken HawkinsEmrys Wynn D Williams (Clerk)J J Jones
ST ASAPH CITY COUNCIL Elsie PowellBarbara Rust  
TOWYN AND KINMELL BAY TOWN COUNCIL Ken Stone (Host Mayor)D Cowen (Clerk)

Hayley Parks (Acting Clerk)

WELSHPOOL TOWN COUNCIL Estelle BleivasChris Davies Ann Holloway 



1538   Introduction

The Chair asked the meeting to stand for a short silence in memory of

Cllr Glyn Jones.

The Chair also reported on the health of Cllr A Holloway and asked all those present to sign her get well card.


1539   Top Table at Meetings

The question of who should be at the Top Table was raised. The Chair explained that the Deputy Chair would be at the Top Table if space permits.


1540   Welcome by the Mayor of Towyn and Kinmell Bay

The Mayor Cllr Ken Stone welcomed the meeting.


1541 Presentation by ESTYN

The meeting received a presentation from Iwan  Roberts of Estyn

A copy of the notes of his presentation are attached. (also shown as a document on the Web Site of the Association.


1542 Notice of the Meeting

The meeting received the notice of the meeting.


1543  Apologies for absence and attendance list

The list of apologies and attendance was circulated and recorded as above.


1544 Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes were accepted as a correct record with initialled attendance alterations.


1544 Report on actions taken by the Secretary since the last meeting:

The secretary reported on the actions requested to be carried out by this meeting and confirmed that all actions had been completed.


1546 Financial Report:

The Secretary gave a short report on the accounts and presented a spreadsheet showing the current balances (copy with agenda on file).

The accounts for the year to 31.3.2012 have been approved by the auditors.


1547  Name of the Association

The meeting considered the results of the voting on the name of the Association and the following were recorded:


North Association of Town and

Larger Community Councils                                  1

North & Mid Wales Association of Town and

Larger Community Councils                                  3

North & Mid Wales Association of Local Councils        13


There were 17 votes cast out of 34 Town and Community Councils.


The meeting AGREED that the name of the Association should change to

North & Mid Wales Association of Local Councils’. The decision is to be ratified at the Annual Meeting in July 2013.


1548  Voting method for the Association

The meeting considered the results of the voting with regard to decision making at all the Association meetings.

The votes were recorded as follows:


One vote per member present                                           3

One vote per Council present                                           11

One vote per member present

(with number of delegates related to size of Council    3


There were 17 votes cast out of 34 Town and Community Councils.


The meeting AGREED that the voting method be one vote per Council. The decision to be ratified at the Annual Meeting in July 2013.


1549 Executive Meeting – September 2012:

The meeting noted the minutes of the Executive Meeting held in

December 2012.  Matters raised from that meeting were as follows:


a) Conference

The Secretary issued preliminary information on the Conference to be held in Holywell in July 2013. The guest headline speaker is to be Carl Sargeant of the Welsh Assembly.


b) Constitution

The meeting expressed the wish to discuss the constitution in full. The next meeting is to have this item on the main agenda.

It was pointed out that the previous constitution will need to be withdrawn in an opening statement.

The Secretary agreed to issue a copy of the constitution and standing orders with the next agenda. The first draft is on the Web Site.


1550 Welsh Assembly – Promoting Democracy

The meeting received a report on the visit to give oral evidence to the WAG Committee.  The Vice Chair and Secretary attended.

During the meeting there were several relevant points of note:


a)   Web Site provision and funding by WAG.

b)   Boundary assessments with regard to size and local ties.

c)   Make up of the Boundary Commission.

d)   Working together with One Voice Wales. WAG confirmed they were

not looking at a merger or takeover but a working relationship.


The meeting AGREED that the Secretary should prepare a paper for the Association on a way forward with One Voice Wales.


15551 Crewe – Holyhead Railway Line

The meeting considered the need for the electrification of the main line with particular regard to allowing freight as well as improved passenger services.

The meeting AGREED to support the electrification of the line from Crewe via Chester to Holyhead and letters are to be sent to the WAG and appropriate rail organisaitons.

The meeting also AGREED to seek a meeting of WAG/Network Rail and Arriva Trains Wales.


1552: Wind Farms, Hub, Pylons and Transport TAN8 Public Inquiry

The meeting was updated upon the public inquiry and the Secretary confirmed that the registration forms had been sent to the Inspectorate ensuring that the Association can take part in the Inquiry.


1553 Boundary Commission Report

Members considered the final Boundary Commission reports and it is now to be left to individual Councils to take any concerns forward.


1554 Alcohol in Town Centres

This item is to be deferred until the next meeting due to time.


1555 WAG Consultation – A Patient Voice for Wales

The meeting considered the proposed response to the Consultation.

The meeting AGREED  to accept the paper proposed subject to an alteration to include the appointment of the Chair being independent and not by the WAG.


1556 WAG Consultation – Fly Tipping

The meeting considered the proposed response to the Consultation.

The meeting AGREED  to accept the paper proposed.


1557 WAG Consultation – Non material alterations to Planning Consents

The meeting considered the proposed response to the Consultation.

The meeting AGREED  to accept the paper proposed subject to adding:

Concern over Officers dealing with alterations in isolation.

Consents should not be given without the support of the Town and

Community Council.


1558 WAG Consultations – on line for comment

The Secretary confirmed that there were two consultations published on the web site for comment by members as follows:

Sustainable Development Bill

            Mobile Homes Act Implementation

Members are asked to pass any comments to the Secretary by the date specified.


1559  Summer Play schemes in Flintshire

The meeting considered a request by Holywell Town Council, supported by others, to write to both Flintshire County Council and the Welsh Assembly with regard to the cost being passed onto Local Councils by the County Council with regard to the provision of play schemes and the cost being passed onto the Local Councils.

The meeting AGREED that such letters should be sent expressing concern over the cost, cuts in WAG funding and the charges to Local Councils being used to cover items which are a County Council responsibility (ie Training).


1560 Date and location of next meeting:

The next quarterly meeting of the Association is to be held on Friday 19th April 2013 at10.30am in Connah’s Quay.


1561 Actions to be taken before the next meeting:

The following actions are being taken forward from the meeting:

a) Thank you letter to visitor

b) A paper on working with One Voice Wales to be prepared.

c) A letter to One Voice Wales expressing interest in taking a working

relationship forward as suggested by the WAG Committee.

d) Letters regarding supporting the following:

i) Electrification of the Crewe – Holyhead line

ii) play scheme costs in Flintshire

e) Chase up reply on fire service – location of ladder

f) Inform MPs’, AM’s and others of meeting details.

g) Issue SO and Constitution with next Agenda.

h) Arrange a meeting with WAG, Arriva Trains and Network Rail.