Minutes July 2009 (Connah’s Quay)


PRESENT: (Attendance Register) 

Councillor P GLYNN (Chairman) (Presiding)


ABERGELE T.C.                                        Cllr J Maclennan  Cllr B C Roberts  Cllr R G Waters

ARGOED C.C.                                             Cllr M Jones

BANGOR C.C.                                             Cllr D Hainge

BAY OF COLWYN T.C.                            Cllr A Khan               

BUCKLEY T.C.                                           Cllr N Ditchburn  Cllr W Mallin

CAERWYS T.C.                                          Cllr J Webb

CONNAH’S QUAY T.C.                             Cllr B Bone   Cllr C Granger  Cllr R V Hill

CONWY T.C.                                               Cllr C Gilligan   Cllr H Roberts   K Graham (Clerk)

DENBIGH T.C.                                            Cllr P Glynn   Medwyn Jones (Clerk)

FLINT T.C.                                                   Cllr D Cox     Cllr L Jones   Cllr T Renshaw

HAWARDEN T.C.                                       Cllr J Walker

HOLYWELL T.C.                                       Cllr Mrs K Davies      Cllr B Scragg

LLANDUDNO T.C.                                     Cllr B Bertola

LLANFAIRFECHAN T.C.                         Cllr G Thomas       Cllr J Thomas

LLANGOLLEN T.C.                                  Cllr G Hughes     Cllr R M Pugh

NEWTOWN T.C.                                         S M Geary (Clerk)

PENMAENMAWR T.C.                             Cllr M Baines      Cllr F MacDonald

PRESTATYN T.C.                                      Cllr S Frobisher   Cllr J Morris

RHUDDLAN T.C.                                        Cllr G Williams

RHYL T.C.                                                    Cllr J Butterfield    Cllr Mrs J Chamberlain-Jones    G Nickels (Clerk)

RUTHIN T.C.                                               D Williams (Clerk)

SHOTTON T.C.                                            Cllr E R Jones

ST ASAPH T.C.                                            Cllr E J Powell     Cllr B Rust

TOWYN & KINMEL BAY                          Cllr M G Roberts   D Cowans (Clerk)

WELSHPOOL T.C.                                      Cllr A Holloway  R A Robinson (Clerk)

ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT:                  A T Guinn

ASSOCIATION CHAIRMAN:                  Cllr Mrs D Bulled

ASSOCIATION SECRETARY:                Mr J Roberts


1295    (i) Apologies of Absence were tendered by: –

Mr K Iball                               Association Vice President

Mr N I Jones                           Association Treasurer

T Earley (Clerk)                      Abergele T.C.

Cllr M Eyles                            Argoed C.C.

Cllr D White                           Argoed C.C.

Cllr G Jones                            Bay of Colwyn T.C.

M Morris (Clerk)                     Caia Park C.C.

Cllr R Bartley                          Denbigh T.C.

Cllr I Davies                            Denbigh T.C.

Cllr C Hughes                         Denbigh T.C.

Cllr G Mawdsley                    Denbigh T.C.

Cllr R Small                            Hawarden C.C.

Cllr B Lambert                        Holywell T.C.

Cllr J Johnson                          Holywell T.C.

C Pierce (Clerk)                      Holywell T.C.

N Acott (Clerk)                       Prestatyn T.C.

Cllr J T Jones                           Rhuddlan T.C.

T Pemberton (Clerk)               Rhuddlan T.C.

Cllr D Thomas                         Rhyl T.C.

Cllr E H Downs                      Ruthin T.C.

Cllr K Hawkins                       Ruthin T.C.

S Cartwright (Clerk)               Shotton T.C.

Cllr D Owens                          St Asaph T.C.

Cllr S Kaye                             Welshpool T.C.

Cllr S Squibb                           Welshpool T.C.

(ii) Apologies were also submitted by Barmouth Town Council, Broughton & Bretton Community Council, Menai Bridge Town Council and Rhosllannerchrugog Community Council

1296    notice of meeting:

Resolved that the Notice of Meeting be received.

1297    civic welcome:

Councillor David Barrett, Chairman of Connah’s Quay Town Council extended a Civic Welcome to the Association and delegates.


Nominations were invited for the election of Chairman of the Association for the forthcoming year 2009/10.

It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Councillor Mrs D Bulled of Bangor Town Council be elected Chairman of the Association for the forthcoming year 2009/10.


Mr A Guinn, President of the Association made a presentation to the retiring Chairman, Cllr P Glynn, of a gift as a token of appreciation of the services rendered during his term of office.

The Immediate Past Chairman thanked the President and delegates for their support during his term of office.

The Chairman wished his successor a successful term in office.


Nominations were invited for the election of Vice-Chairman of the Association for the forthcoming year 2009/10.

It was proposed, seconded and resolved that Councillor J Connah of Buckley Town Council be elected Vice-Chairman of the Association for the forthcoming year 2009/10. 


Mr J Roberts had indicated prior to the meeting that he intended to retire from      the Office of Secretary to the Association.

Resolved that the following appointments be made for the forthcoming year 2009/10:-

a) Association Secretary                                 Mr R Robinson (Welshpool T.C).

b) Association Treasurer                                Mr N Jones (Flint T.C.)

c) Association Auditors                                  Cllr D Cox (Flint T.C.)

                                                                        Cllr T Renshaw (Flint T.C.)

The Immediate Past Chairman proposed and Cllr Mrs K Davies seconded a Vote of Thanks to Mr Roberts for his eight years of service as Secretary of the Association.  The President informed the delegates that a presentation would be made to Mr Roberts at the meeting to be held in Welshpool

1302    ANNUAL ACCOUNTS 2008/09:

The Secretary, on behalf of the Association Treasurer, submitted for approval, copies of the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2009. (Attached to the minutes)

Resolved that due to a typing error, the accounts be re-submitted to the next Quarterly Meeting to be held on 16th October 2009.


Owing to the healthy nature of the balances, it was recommended that both the subscriptions and cost of lunches remain unaltered.

Resolved that the recommendation be approved.

1304    future meetings:

Resolved that the Chairman and Secretary be authorised to arrange venues, dates and times of meetings to meet changing circumstances that may arise including the convening of Special Meetings to deal with urgent business. 


There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed.