Minutes Of a meeting of the Executive held on

Friday 14th December 2012 at 10.30am at Ryhl Town Council Offices

Present were:

Cllr J Butterfield (Chair), Cllr M Roberts (Vice Chair), Cllr B Bertola (Chair),

Cllr J McLennan, Cllr Cllr M Roberts Cllr D Hainge and Robert Robinson (Secretary)

1.         Apologies for absence

There were apologies for absence received from Cllr T Renshaw, A Guinn (President) and Cllr A Holloway.


2.         Minutes of the last meeting of the Executive

The notes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


3.              Agenda for next quarterly meeting

The meeting agreed the agenda for the next quarterly meeting.


4.              Financial Report

The Secretary gave a short financial report and issued the schedule of figures which will be presented to the next quarterly meeting.


5.              Conference

The meeting considered the attached programme for the Conference and this was generally agreed.  The following amendments are to considered:

a)         If Carl Sargeant can not make the meeting then as an

alternative the Secretary of State for Wales is to be invited.

b)         The workshops subject to be ‘the future of Town and Community


c)         The workshops to be catered for by 1 hour before lunch and one hour after lunch.


6.        Consultation – Promoting Democracy – Visit to WAG

The Welsh Assembly has added the Association to its list of normal consultees.


The Welsh Assembly has invited the Association to attend the Committee on this subject at 9.30am on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 in Cardiff.




The Meeting agreed that the following persons should attend:

Cllr J Butterfield, Cllr M Roberts, Cllr J McLennan and

Robert Robinson

Cllr D Hainge will also attend at his own expense as an observer.


The party will go down by train on the Tuesday (later) and stay overnight. The Association to pay all reasonable costs.


7.        Consultations

a)         Fly Tipping

            The paper on Fly Tipping was accepted and will now proceed to the

main meeting in January.

            b)        Community Health Councils

            Cllr J Butterfield will ask Cllr Chaimberlain-Jones to put something

together for the main January meeting.

            c)         Non Material Alterations to Planning Consents

The paper on Non Material Alterations to Planning Consents was

accepted and will now proceed to the main meeting in January.


8.           Constitution and Standing Orders (including Welsh Language


a)                 Constitution

The constitution was accepted as a good one with the following alterations:

i)                    Limit the term of President to 5 years only.

ii)                  Add a paragraph on the Welsh Language Policy as below at (c).

b)                 Standing Orders

These were accepted as correct.

c)                 Welsh Language Policy

Each of the membership Councils must accept the constitution and standing orders in due course which will include as item no 32 the following:

Agenda and Minutes of meetings will be available via the

Secretary in Welsh upon request.

All supporting papers maybe issued in English and if any

members wishes them to be in Welsh then the Member Council

of that person requesting the translation shall arrange for same

at their cost.

d)                 Voting at meetings

The votes received to date indicate option 2.  A card system could be introduced to make this simple to operate.


e)                 Name of Association.

The name of the Association paper has been issued with only one returned to date. A reminder will be sent out with the next Agenda.


9.         Wind Farms, Pylons, Hubs and Transport – TAN8 – Public Inquiry

The meeting agreed that a written submission will be made to the Public Inquiry to be held in June 2013. The secretary will prepare the paper for Cllr J Butterfield to sign.


10.       Other matters:

            a)         Snowdonia National Park

            The situation regarding the increase in salary of the Chief Executive is

to be clarified. The secretary will find out what the situation is.

            b)        Fire service North Wales Coastal Region

            The letters back from the Authorities have not supported the

Associations view. The subject will come up again under ‘actions taken’

at the January meeting of the Association.

c)        Appointment to advisory panel on alcohol abuse

            The meeting decided not to put forward any nomination due to the time restraints on putting forward names.


11.       Date of next meeting:

The date of the next Executive Meeting is to be Friday 15th March 2013 at 10.30am in the Offices of the Town Council at Rhyl.