Minutes Of a meeting of the Executive held on 

Friday 16th March 2012 at 10.30am at Ryhl Town Council Offices

Present were:

Cllr B Bertola (Chair), Cllr J Butterfield (Vice Chair), Cllr T Renshaw,

Cllr J McLennan, Cllr D Bulled, Cllr M Roberts and

Robert Robinson (Secretary)

1.         Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.


2.         Minutes of the last meeting of the Executive

                        The notes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


3.              Agenda for next quarterly meeting

The meeting agreed the agenda for the next quarerly meeting.

In future it was greed that 2 speakers max per meeting would be accommodated.


4.              Financial Report

The Secretary gave a short financial report and issued the schedule of figures which will be presented to the next quarterly meeting.


5.              WAG Consultation on Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 – see attached

The meeting considered the consultation which needs to be submitted by 30th March 2012.  The final copy is attached.


6.         Annual Conference Review

The views of those present were that the Annual Conference was well run, well received and worthwhile.  The location was considered central and very good.  It was felt that another conference should be held next year subject to members views gained on 20th April at the quarterly meeting.


7.         Report on WAG Committee (Bylaws)

The meeting received a report from the secretary on the giving

of evidence on bylaws to the Welsh Assembly.



8.           Parliamentary Boundary Proposals

It was agreed that individual Councils would be affected differently and therefore no overall view could be formed. The group agreed that individual Councils should respond direct to the Commission.


            8.         Wind Farms, Pylons, Hubs and Transport – TAN8

Following the decision of the Assocation last year to support the stance of Welshpool with regard to the above subject and the views expressed at the annual conference held last week this item is to appear on the main agenda for the 20th April.

A draft letter (see attached) is to be circulated to all Members so that their Councils can give a view ready for discussion on 20th April.


`           9.         Any other business

The following other items of business were discussed:


                        Bookings for lunch at quarterly meetings:

The Secretary reported on the time being taken to chase up replies regarding bookings for quarterly meetings.

It was agreed that all members would be informed that there will be no chasing up of replies and if lunches are not booked by the due date they will not be provided.  The Secretary is to action this.


                        Sub groups in the future

There are two new members, at least, from Mid Wales.  Due to the variance of issues it maybe right to consider sub groups for each area at some time in the future.


Local Development Plans

The meeting considered a letter from a Member County Council seeking views on the above.  It was agreed that an overall view could not be formed and responses should be sent in by individual Members.


St Asaphs City Status

A congratulations note is to be added to the agenda for 20th April.


Marriage Equality

The meeting considered a request to put the above subject on the agenda.  It was agreed that it would be added when the formal consultation paper is issued.



The new logo will start to appear on all publicity and letterheads for the Association etc.


10.Date of next Executive Meeting

To note the date of the next meeting Friday 15th June 2012 at

10.30am at Rhyl Town Council Offices