JUNE 2012

Minutes Of a meeting of the Executive held on 

Friday 15th June 2012 at 10.30am at Rhys Town Council Offices

Present were:

Cllr B Bertola (Chair), Cllr T Renshaw, Cllr M Roberts and

Robert Robinson (Secretary)

1.         Changed date of meeting

 The secretary apologised for the change of date of the meeting, this was not planned and was due to the recent illness of the secretary.


2.        Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.

It was noted that Cllr D Bulled had not been re-elected.  A letter of thanks for her service is to be sent.


3.         Minutes of the last meeting of the Executive

The notes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


4.              Agenda for next quarterly meeting and the Annual Meeting were agreed. (copy attached to file)

The meeting agreed the agenda for the next quarterly meeting.


5.              Financial Report

The Secretary presented the annual accounts which can now go forward for pre-audit approval at the Associations Annual Meeting.


6.         Annual Conference

The Annual Meeting and Conference is to be held at the Springfield Hotel Holywell on Friday 19th July 2013.

The form to include the Annual Meeting followed by Policy Workshops to set the programme for the following year.


7.        Bookings for lunch at quarterly meetings:

It was agreed that all members would be informed that there will be no chasing up of replies and if lunches are not booked 7 days before the date they will not be provided.  The Secretary is to action this.


 8.        Invitation to Carl Sargeant AM

The meeting agreed that the invitation to Carl Sargeant to attend an Association Meeting needs to be followed up with Janet Finch-Saunders and Russell George.


9.        Consultation on School Governor Training

The meeting considered the above WAG consultation due to be with them by 10th July 2012.  A copy is to be posted on the Web Site.


10.    Date of next Executive Meeting

To note the date of the next meeting Friday 21st September 2012 at

10.30am at Rhys Town Council Offices