JUNE 2013

Minutes Of a meeting of the Executive held on

Friday 21st June 2013 at 10.30am at Rhyl Town Council Offices

Present were

Cllr J Butterfield (Chair), Cllr B Bertola, Cllr T Renshaw, Cllr A Holloway

and Robert Robinson (Secretary)

1.         Apologies for absence

There were apologies for absence received from Cllr M Roberts (Vice Chair).


2.         Minutes of the last meeting of the Executive

The notes of the last meeting were accepted as a correct record.


3.              Agenda for next quarterly meeting

The meeting agreed the agenda for the next quarterly and the annual meeting. See copy on file.


4.                   Financial Matters


4.1.1       Report

The Secretary gave a short financial report and issued the schedule of figures up to 30th April 2013.


4.2       Fees and dinner rates for 2013-2014

The Committee discussed the rates for membership for the ensuing year and the rate to be set for dinners.

The reason for the increases in membership fees was the increased activity of the Association and in particular the trips to meet the Welsh Assembly.

The Committee asked the Secretary to include the following proposal within the Annual Meeting Agenda:


Larger Councils       Above 7.500 pop      £50 pa

Medium Councils    5,000-7,500  pop      £35 pa

Smaller Councils     Under 5,000 pop      £25 pa


The dinner rate to remain at £14.50 per person.


5.              One Voice Wales

The meeting was updates on a letter received from One Voice Wales, they will have discussed the working relationship proposals at their meeting on 14th June and should be able to come back to the Association very soon.


6.        Conference Details – 19th July 2013

The Committee discussed the conference outline and the agreed format is attached to these minutes.

The four working groups for the afternoon are to be lead and administered as follows:


Group Group Leader Group scribe


Ian Jones Connah’s Quay To be chosen from group


Joan Butterfield Rhyl To be chosen from group


Brian Bertola Llandudno To be chosen from group


Cllr D Simmons Rhyl To be chosen from group


The above are to be approached to ensure they are ok with the arrangements.  There will be proper notes for each group leader.  There will be flip charts to aid the process.


The other points of note for the Conference are:


Police Commissioner –  speak on how to approach deprived areas and


Health Planning Officer – address waiting times and differing


Janet Finch Saunders – on the Future of Local Councils consultation.


The election of President and the new voting system will take effect from the October meeting subject to Conference approving same.


The meeting of the AGM Conference is to have a timekeeper – Cllr T Renshaw is to undertake this role for 2013.


It was also suggested that the Conference seeks to see how many members actively report to their Councils on the activities of the Association.


7.        Consultation on Remote Council Attendance

The meeting considered the consultation on the above and agreed an objection letter.  This is to be posted on the web site seeking member’s comments by 19th July 2013.


8.           Other matters


8.1             Remuneration Panel

Llandudno Council reported that they had adopted the payment of £100 towards expenses for Councillors as per the Remuneration Panel guidelines.


9.         Wind Farms, Pylons, Hubs and Transport – TAN8 – Public Inquiry

The Committee was updated on the paper submitted to the Mid Wales Wind Farm Public Inquiry.


10.       Date of next meetings:

These are to be set at the AGM.