Paper on Voting at Meetings



The voting rights of each Council or Member has been a matter of discussion on several occasions.  It is considered that when a vote is taken it should be fair and equitable and address the situation where members may not be of the same mind.
The Executive Committee was asked to prepare a paper on the subject setting out the options for members to consider as part of the constitutional review taking place during the current year.


Method of approval

The method of approval was considered very important when considering this subject.  To that end it was agreed that the following method of approval to any proposal be adopted:


a)              To put forward a paper for discussion at the quarterly meeting to be held on 19th October 2012.

b)              To issue the paper with a voting slip for each option to each Member Council to return to the secretary by the start of the quarterly meeting held in January 2013.

c)               To include in the constitutional review the result of the vote.

d)              Each Council will have one vote and is asked to discuss and gain a resolution from its Full Council for that vote.


Options put forward for consideration

The suggested options for voting are:


a)              One vote per member who is in attendance at a meeting.

b)              One vote per Council attending at a meeting.

c)               One vote per member in attendance at a meeting but with a limited number of representatives from each Council depending on their size of population.  (ie 2 members plus Clerk from Councils with a population under 7,500 and 3 members plus clerk from Councils larger than 7,500 population.