POLICY DOCUMENT – period 2014 to 2017 (subject to adoption at the AGM July 2014)



1.00               HISTORY

1.01               The Association has a history spanning over 30 years representing Town and Community Councils in North and Mid Wales.

1.02               The Association has taken the formal decision not to be part of One Voice Wales but to continue in its present form but to seek to work with OVW.


2.00               INTRODUCTION

2.01               The Association has in recent months taken a more active role in taking forward common members concerns and has now achieved some links with the Welsh Assembly and Parliament direct.

2.02               The Association feels that the time is right for a form policy on major issues affecting member Councils.

2.03               The policy is to stand for a period of 3 years.


3.00               MEETINGS

3.01               The Association shall hold at least 4 meetings per annum.

3.02               The Annual General Meeting shall be held in July of each year.

3.03               The Chair, Vice Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Auditor and Treasurer shall be elected annually at the annual meeting.



4.01               The membership of the Association shall be open to any Town or Community Council whose geographical area lies within that from Aberystwyth and Newtown in the South, the Coast to the North and and the borders of Wales with England in the East.

4.02               A Town or Community Council may apply for membership of the Association if they are located in the North or Mid Wales area. Such applications area approved by the membership at their quarterly meetings.

5.00               AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

5.01               The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

a)          To give a forum for member councils to discuss common issues.

b)          To respond to relevant consultations with regard to both Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

c)          To support and act upon subjects agreed by the members.

d)          To represent and promote members views wherever they are needed.

e)           To host a conference on an annual basis.


6.00               POLICY

6.01               The subjects listed are those which have been accepted as a priority by the majority of the membership at the Annual Meeting held in July 2014.

6.02               The list can be added to or subtracted from at each Annual Meeting.

6.03               Subjects for actions shall be approved by the quarterly meetings. A list of the subjects with actions and updates are to be put on the web site and circulate with the agenda for each quarterly meeting.

7.00               CONSULTATIONS

7.01               The Association shall respond to consultations which are relevant to the members.

7.02               The Association shall offer to both Parliament and the Welsh Assembly the opportunity of members being represented on any committee.


8.00               PLAN OF ACTION

8.01               A plan of action shall be agreed at the time a subject is discussed.

8.02               A plan of action shall be agreed by the quarterly meeting on other topics included in the policy document.


9.00               LOBBYING

9.01               The Association shall use its resources to lobby the authorities relevant to each policy item.

9.02               To achieve this aim a newsletter shall be prepared which can be circulated regularly to such authorities

9.03               Meetings with relevant authorities, MP’s and AM’s can be attended by Members or Officers or both.

However, only the Association policies maybe promoted at these meetings.


10.00             COMMUNICATIONS

10.01             The agenda and minutes of the meetings shall be posted on the web site within 7 days of the meeting.

10.02             The agenda for any meeting shall be posted to the Council Offices of each member together with the Officers of the Association at least 7 days before any meeting is due to take place.

10.03             The agenda and minutes of meetings shall be made available to MP’s, AM’s, County Councils and One Voice Wales.

10.04             A press release shall be issued to local press and local news web sites following each meeting.

10.05             The newsletter set out in (9) shall be in colour and have pictures as well as articles.

10.06             The Association is to adopt a logo and suggestions are to be sought (in IT form) from the membership for consideration at the AGM to be held in July 2011.


11.00             WEB SITE

11.01             The Association shall operate a web site which is to be updated at least every 7 days.

11.02             The Membership shall use the web site as a means of keeping up to date with activities, agenda, minutes and other matters about the Association.

11.03             The web site shall contain contact details and also details of local PM’s and AM’s.

11.04             The web site shall contain a documents section where members can view background papers for agenda items and also papers which form consultations completed by the Association.

11.05             The web site shall be published at its own domain at www.northwalesassociation.org.uk and shall be prepared for the time being with ‘Microsoft Frontpage’.



12.01             Where another body requests a member to serve on there group the Association shall elect such member to serve for one year ending at the AGM in July of the following year.

12.02             Appointments are to be reviewed at each AGM.

12.03             Any appointments made between AGM’s shall be by nominate and vote at the meeting at which the subject is raised where the appointment has been placed on the agenda.

12.04             All member councils may appoint up to 4 elected members plus the Town or Community Clerk to attend the Associations meetings. Only the elected members may vote but all members and Clerks may speak.


13.00             MONITORING AND REVIEW

13.01              The Plan is to be the subject of a progress report at each Annual General Meeting and shall be presented in written form and shall be reviewed at that meeting.

13.02              Any member wishes to alter the general policy document must request such in writing to the Secretary at least 7 clear days before the AGM.

13.03              The Plan shall be reviewed in April 2014 in full.


14.00              STATUTORY POLICIES

13.01              The Association shall adopt and the documents published on its web site statutory polices as follows:

                                    Standing Orders

                                    Code of Conduct

                                    Health and Safety



15.00            TRAINING

15.01             The Association shall support training programmes and urge members to attend those run by recognised bodies and County Councils.

15.02             The Association shall from time to time invite relevant speakers to offer training at its quarterly meetings on topics raised by the membership.

15.03             The annual conference shall include training where appropriate for members.







Vice Chair……………………………………







 1.         William’s Report – formation of policy in due course.

 2.         Health Study – North and Mid Wales.

 3.         Transfer of services to Local Councils – funding issues.

 4.         Transport improvements in both Mid and North Wales. (to include Cambrian Line, Chester to Holyhead Line electrification and the

             future of  bus passes.)

 5.         Monitoring of the Planning Bill and its effects.

 6.         Funding of Town and Community Councils.

 7.          Educational monitoring and performance.

8.           Flood Plains and building on them.